Rounding the Corner – Indian Trail Residence

August 24, 2016

When you see people renovate houses on TV it often seems like they are able to completely transform a home in a few weeks which is then condensed into a 30 minute episode.  Our track record with home renovations has been slightly different for a number of reasons.  If you read our previous post on renovating an old home you know that you shouldn’t immediately jump into renovating a house until you better understand what really needs to be done.  And this can sometimes take a while.

Also, most TV renovators use inexpensive materials that look great when they are new but don’t last the test of time.  And finally, most TV renovators are not licensed design professionals so they don’t always get into the kinds of detailed drawing exercises that are part of our business.   When you combine all of these factors together,  you can start to see why our latest undertaking has lasted over 16 months. 

At first, we really didn’t want to do much as the house was acquired mostly to be a weekend property and more of an exercise in creative styling.  But then we started looking more closely at the layout and finishes and realized that we needed to do a little more work than we thought.  From new kitchen cabinets to refinishing existing hardwood floors, the house has been completely transformed without adding any additional square footage.  Through creative planning (and lots of built in cabinetry) the house seems much larger than its cozy 950 SF floor plan. 

Using many off the shelf materials, our goal was to elevate the space into a modern retreat that could accommodate a large family or even two families vacationing together.  To that end, we create two ‘master’ bedrooms with the middle bedroom serving as the ‘kids quarters’ with custom bunk beds.  The living room sofa also opens up with a trundle that sleeps two comfortably. 

We expect to finish the project completely in the next two weeks and will post final photos soon!